The Daguerreian Society
The following items have been donated or consigned for the benefit auction at the 2008 Symposium.

The auction is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated!

Woman with Bonnet and Purse
Lot 1: Quarter plate of a seated woman with her bonnet resting next to her. She handles a fancy purse. Hand tinted. Split case. No reserve. SOLD $225.

Three Men in Top Hats
Lot 2: Half plate daguerreotype of 3 men in top hats in impromptu posing (obviously orchestrated by the daguerreian artist.) Half case. Modern note says "L. B. Binsse & Co. 1840s". No reserve. SOLD $300.

Fancy Thermoplastic Wall Frames
Lot 3: From left to right, 1) An unlisted, very elegant frame with white highlights. It has Lionite raised lettering on the back. 2) Classic medallion wall frame with intricate designs. On back: "Diatate patented Dec. 15. 1868". 3) Classic design with floral motif. Also says "Diatate patented Dec. 15 1868" on back. No Reserve. SOLD $300.

A Rare Unpublished Copy Plate of Edgar Allan Poe
Lot 4: Sixth plate daguerreotype of EDGAR ALLAN POE circa about 1850. Daguerreian-era vintage copy daguerreotype. Referencing the book The Portraits and Daguerreotypes of Edgar Allan Poe by Michael Deas, this is a laterally reversed copy of the famous 'Annie' daguerreotype. It is the same image that appears on the carte de visite in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery. This is simply a great and historic American treasure. The Daguerreian Society is honored to be able to offer it. Housed in a thermoplastic union case with an ambrotype of an unidentified man, possibly a family member or an acquaintance. EXTREMELY RARE. Reserve. SOLD $14,000.

Five Daguerreotypes Pertaining to Sallie M. Duncan, Savannah, Georgia
Lot 5: This lot is a generous donation from Dennis Waters. The proceeds helped pay for our Thursday night reception. No Reserve. SOLD $3000.
a. Quarter plate daguerreotype signed "S. Broadbent" on mat. Smiling young woman. Accompanied by 19th century note "Sallie M. Duncan 1854". Full case with original spine.

b. Oval ninth plate daguerreotype housed in blue velvet case. Same subject. Turquoise tinting. Period writing on silk pad: "Savannah 1853".

c. Ninth plate daguerreotype. Young woman posed in front of elaborate backdrop, with her hand resting on a book. Split case.

d. Sixth plate daguerreotype. Velvet pad reads "Collins's Gallery 100 Chestnut St. Ab. 3rd Philada." Two young women, one with her arm around the other. 19th century note "Sallie M. Duncan (seated) with school friend." Full case with original spine.

e. Sixth plate daguerreotype. Mat stamped "McClees" and "Phila". Vignetted baby with hand tinting. Split case. 19th century note reads "Jeanie Duncan Elliot".

Seated Man by Southworth and Hawes
Lot 6: Quarter plate of a seated man by Southworth and Hawes. Housed in an oversized mat and original 1840s case. This is a variant of Image #633 in "Young America: The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes" by Grant Romer and Brian Wallis. This chair with the same fabric appears in other images by Southworth & Hawes. Reserve auction. SOLD $1200.

George Washington Daguerreotype of Gilbert Stuart Painting & a CDV Copy of the Daguerreotype
Lot 7: Lot 7: Quarter plate daguerreotype is signed by "Heywood" of Boston. The daguerreotype is of a Gilbert Stuart Painting which was in the Boston Athenaeum at the time this daguerreotype was taken, but is now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. That same painting is depicted in a whole plate daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes of a young girl gazing over her shoulder at it. (Plate 57 in "The Spirit of Fact. The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes, 1843-1862" by Sobieszek and Appel.)

The CDV that accompanies it was taken by Geo. M. Lovell of Southbridge, Mass. Reserve auction. SOLD $1500.

Daguerreotype of the White House by Mike Robinson
Lot 8: Half plate in a reverse-painted passe-partout mount created by the artist. This is the artist's only White House image and was taken with the permission of White House Security. No reserve. SOLD $1300.

Couple with Wheat and Corn Daguerreotype, by Perkins of Baltimore
Lot 9: Quarter plate daguerreotype pair. The man is holding a sprig of wheat and an ear of corn. Could be a merchant rather than a farmer. Perhaps fraternal. On velvet: "Perkins, Artist, Galleries North St. & 211 Balt. St. Baltimore, MD". Reserve auction. SOLD $1300.

Daguerreotypes of Daguerreotypes being Displayed
Lot 10: 3 daguerreotypes where the subject is displaying a daguerreotype image. No reserve. 1) Sixth plate. Lady with jewelry displays daguerreotype of woman with her hand up to her bonnet. 2) Quarter plate. Man holds daguerreotype of a woman. 3) Sixth plate. 1840s daguerreotype. Written on silk pad in period ink: "Mrs. Miner (Susan) Smith Cooperstown" (presumably Cooperstown, N.Y.). Displays daguerreotype of 2 women with clasped hands. No reserve. SOLD $650.

Elegant Couple Holding an Open Half Plate Daguerreotype
Lot 11: Half plate daguerreotype, mat signed "McClees & Germon, Phila.". Reserve. PASSED.

Fireman with Laterally Reversed 2 on His Hat Holding His Gold Gilded Speaking Trumpet
Lot 12: Sixth plate daguerreotype of a fireman with speaking trumpet. We've been informed by Daguerreian Society member Mike Novak, leading expert on early fire images, that what appears as "BEMAA" laterally reversed, is more likely "FOREMAN" as foremen of fire companies used speaking trumpets like the one depicted. Lots of gold gilding. Reserve auction. PASSED.

Daguerreotype of the White House and Washington Monument by Rob McElroy
Lot 13: Whole plate night shot daguerreotype of the White House showing the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in the background. The 2 1/2 hour exposure was taken November 7, 2008. No reserve. SOLD $600.

Daguerreotype of a Brightly Painted Actor Posing as King
Lot 14: Over-sized half plate daguerreotype in an even larger brass mat. The actor is standing in profile, wearing a crown and a gaudy ensemble which includes red tights/stockings and blue slippers, boldly tinted. The presentation and the image are just magnificent. Probably English, and housed in its original sturdy case. Reserve. SOLD $3500.

Attractive Woman with her Large Dog
Lot 15: Sixth plate daguerreotype. Reserved. PASSED.

Stereo Daguerreotype of a Debonair Man
Lot 16: Stereo daguerreotype in Mascher stereoscopic viewer housed in a lyre thermoplastic case. Quarter plate size case. No reserve. SOLD $1000.

Daguerreotype of the Louis Daguerre Statue at the National Portrait Gallery
Lot 17: Half plate daguerreotype of the Louis Daguerre statue in front of the National Portrait Gallery, in reverse-painted passe-partout mount. This is a generous donation by the artist, Mike Robinson. Mike's work is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the George Eastman House, The Nelson Atkins Museum, the Smithsonian, the Snite Museum of Art at Notre Dame, the Portrait Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. No reserve. SOLD $950.


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