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Matthew Isenburg's popular Video
A Closer Look
Using superb close-up photography, Matthew Isenburg takes us on a guided tour of a number of images from his fantastic collection. Narrated in Matthew's classic style, we walk into marvelous daguerreian landscapes and see those minute details that make us feel as if we are there. -- A history lesson that all will enjoy! -- DVD format, 58 minutes.

Price is $22.00 plus shipping and handling.

A reprint of Théodore Maurisset lithograph
La Daguerréotypomanie
The Society offers a superb reproduction of one of the first illustrations relating to the new art of daguerreotypy. (The lithograph was first published 8 December 1839.) Our reprint is taken from an original lithograph and is offset printed (150-line screen) on quality vellum coverstock. Image size is 16" x 11" (120% of original size.)

Price is $14.00 plus shipping and handling.

Back Issues of the
Daguerreian Annual
Back issues of the Daguerreian Annual are available for $40 to Society members, $55 to non-members. Annuals from 1995 through current are also available in hardcover at $70 to Society members, $85 to non-members. A postage charge will also apply. Please see the postage charges listed on our printable Annual order form.

Bookstore Pricing: Our wholesale price is softcover $40 (suggested retail $55) and hardcover $70 (suggested retail $85). We only invoice a bookstore for actual shipping costs, which results in an additional savings.

From the Daguerreian Annual:
Making Modern Daguerreotypes
A booklet of 10 reprints from the Daguerreian Annual on the subject of making Daguerreotypes, including Jerry Megan's popular article on the Becquerel Process - development of the daguerreotype plate under intense yellow light, without the use of mercury.

Price is $12.00 plus shipping and handling.

Repair your Daguerreotype Cases with
Pneumatic Hinge Leather
We now stock paper-thin pneumatic leather to repair the torn hinges on leather daguerreotype cases (this leather is made for repairing bellows on antique pump organs.) It's rather expensive but seems to be just the ticket. Pieces are about 2" x 12" and sell for $18.00 plus shipping and handling, and includes illustrated instructions. We also have small bottles of PVA archival glue (2 oz. -- enough for a lot of cases) at $6.00 each which includes the cost of shipping within the U.S.

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