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The Daguerreian Annual 2008

255 pages

Table of Contents

In Living Color: Process and Materials of the
Hand Colored Daguerreotype

— Sara H. Ferguson

Ray Phillips: From Photographs to Phonographs
— René Rondeau

Engraved Portraits from Daguerreotypes Published in
The United States Magazine and Democratic Review,

— Clifford and Michele Krainik

Found Treasure: The Bond & Mollyneaux
California Daguerreotype

— Jane L. Aspinwall

Theodore Brunell “Photographer Royal”
— Richard Samways

Samuel F. B. Morse’s Daguerreotype Practice
— Sarah Kate Gillespie

Hiram W. Hayden and the Brass Mat for
Daguerreotype Cases

— Paul K. Berg

Three Texts from Glances at the Metropolis: A Hundred
Illustrated Gems

— Gary W. Ewer

Emanuel von Friedrichsthal — The First
Daguerreotypist in Yucatán

— Ulla Fischer-Westhauser

Catching a Shadow: Daguerreotypes in Philadelphia,
1839-1860. Selections from an Exhibition at the
Library Company of Philadelphia

— Sarah J Weatherwax

Historic Ohio Daguerreotype Identified
Oberlin College and Town

— Paul K. Berg

Our Eleventh Annual Special Portfolio of
Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

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