The Daguerreian Society

The Daguerreian Annual 2007

304 pages

Table of Contents

The Southworth and Hawes Studio:
A Virtual Tour of their Operating Room

— Mike Robinson

Photographing Niagra
— Clayton Lewis

A “Dark Horse” in Sunlight and Shadow:
Daguerreotypes of President James K. Polk

— Clifford Krainik

Kingston Daguerreotype Returns to Canada
— Robert Lansdale, assisted by Jennifer McKendry

Henry Earle Insley: Artist and Entrepreneur
— Jane L. Aspinwall

Richard Beard’s Scottish and Irish Patents, and the
Development of the Daguerreotype in Those Countries

— John Hannavy

“This My Likeness”: The Facts in the Case of the
Notorious Dr. R. H. Collyer

— Bernhard Hildebrandt

“Photographic Phenomena”
in George Cruikshank’s Omnibus

— Gary W. Ewer

Our Tenth Annual, Special Portfolio of
Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

PATRIOTS: The Lives and Looks of Eight American

— Joseph M. Bauman

The Making of a History: The Origins of
American Photography

— Keith F. Davis

Discovered: An Unknown Brady Portrait of
President James K. Polk and Members of His Cabinet

— Clifford Krainik

First to the Great West
— R. Bruce Duncan

Modern Reproductions and Replicas of
Daguerreian Cases

— Paul K. Berg

Restoration of the Daguerre Diorama in the Church
of Bry-sur-Marne, France. 2006-2010 Project

— Jean-Pierre Spilbauer

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