The Daguerreian Society

Coll. of George S. Whiteley IV

The Daguerreian Annual 1998

Feature Portfolios:

A Special Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

A Portfolio of the David Feigenbaum Collection of Southworth & Hawes
— Commentary by Mark S. Johnson, Denise Bethel, Christopher Mahoney, John Wood, Sally Pierce, and Grant Romer

Table of Contents

Dawn of the Daguerreian Era in Baltimore, 1839-1849
— Ross J. Kelbaugh

Reading Daguerreotypes
— Keith F. Davis

The Forgotten Leather and Paper Daguerreotype Case:
Its Die Engravers and Manufacturers, Part Two

— Paul K. Berg, M.D.

Southworth & Hawes in The Massachusetts Register
— submitted by Gary W. Ewer

Thank You, Mr. Anderson: The Story of an Amateur Daguerreotypist
— Mark S. Johnson

on reading the daguerreian annual
— poem by Greg French

Iodine and Bromine: Part I
— Charlie Schreiner

"The Twin Daguerreotypes"
— Edward Mervin

Warming Up To Cold Mercury
— John R. Hurlock

Another Brady Case?
— Alan Johanson

Nineteenth Century Photographic Journals
— Carl L. Peterson


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