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Collection of Matthew R. Isenburg
The Daguerreian
Annual 1993

Feature Portfolios:

Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners,
John F. Graf

William H. Rulofson "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography,"
Peter E. Palmquist

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box, Peter E. Palmquist

Robert H. Vance: Pioneer of the Daguerreotype in Chile, Abel Alexander

The Man with the Nose: Or, the Jilted Volunteer, [Reprint from 1846]

Exhuming the Dead of Yerba Buena Cemetery--Interesting Particulars, [Reprint from 1846]

Woman was Houston's [Texas] First Photographer,

J. Lewis Baldwin: Thermoplastic Case Manufacturer, Paul K Berg

Charles Herbert Tremear: "The Patriarch of Twentieth-Century Daguerreotypy in America," Dave Tinder

Brady's FOUR New York City Galleries--Not Three! George Gilbert

Vignette: Daguerreian Business Cards, Ken Appollo

"S.D. Allis, Vera Cruz, 1847," Thomas R. Kailbourn

The Daguerreotype in America [reprint from 1896], Mrs. D.T. Davis

The Daguerreotype In America [rebuttal to Mrs. Davis, 1896], Julius F. Sachse

The Two Daguerreotypes [reprint from 1853], William Camp with introduction by John Wood

The Daguerreotype as a Photometer: Spanish Technical Innovations in Photography's Beginnings, Bernardo Riego

Artists & Daguerreotypists from the United States Census of 1850

Fifteen Years' Experience of a Daguerreotyper [reprint from 1889], Alexander Beckers

Sachse, Della Porta, and the Rosicrucians: An Introduction to "The Genesis of the Camera", Carol Lloyd Wood

The Genesis of the Camera [reprint from 1889], Julius F. Sachse

J.F. Ryder's Ithaca Days, William L. Camp

Daguerreian Fakes, Forgeries and Hoaxes, Harvey S. Zucker

William Herman Rulofson: "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography," Peter E. Palmquist

Humphrey's Daguerreian Artist's Register 1850 and 1851

American Photography [A British Account from 1856] Introduction by John Wood

American Daguerreian Darkroom Equipment Inventory, John W. Manser

The Daguerreotypes of/by Harvey Zucker Harvey S. Zucker

PORTFOLIO--Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners, John F. Graf

"...and Simons." Montgomery Pike Simons of Philadelphia, Laurie A. Baty

Early Equipment, Matthew Isenburg

APPENDIX--Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

James B. Marquis
Joseph R. Palmer
William Herman Rulofson (begins p. 137)
Andrew B. Tubbs
Leland Howard Wakefield
Index of Daguerreian Names

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