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This advertisement is from Doggett's New York City Directory for 1850-1851. (New York: John Doggett Jr., 1850) pg. 108.


   This collection embraces some of the most distinguished men of this country. The President and Cabinet, also the late President Polk and his Cabinet, Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, Judges of the Supreme Court at Washington, and many other eminent persons are included in this Gallery. The Proprietor being much of his time in Washington, has the advantage of adding to these portraits any others that may interest the public. This establishment is one of the most extensive in the world, its facilities for the production of portraits by the Daguerrean art being unrivalled. It now occupies two large buildings, 205 and 207 Broadway. The operating department is arranged in the most scientific manner, and directed by persons of acknowledged skill in the profession. In the department arranged for copying paintings, daguerreotypes, engravings, statuary, &c., the light and instruments have been expressly designed for this purpose. It is the aim of the proprietor to render in every part of his business that attention which the public are entitled to from the patronage he has received. At the annual exhibitions of the American Institute for five years, the pictures from this establishment have received the first prize, consisting of a silver medal. The last year the first gold medal ever awarded to Daguerreotypes was bestowed on the pictures from this Gallery. The portraits taken for the "Gallery of Illustrious Americans," a work so favorably received throughout the United States, are engraved from these Daguerreotypes. Strangers and citizens will be interested and pleased by devoting an hour to the inspection of Brady's National Gallery, Nos. 205 and 207 Broadway, corner of Fulton-street, New York.

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