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We are happy to present this broad selection of 19th and 20th century texts about the daguerreotype. Some text are presented with their original illustrations. It is our goal to make available difficult-to-locate texts that will be both enjoyable to read as well as useful for research.
   As the number of texts offered here nears one hundred, we've found it necessary to arrange this page as a topical index of the texts. Catagorization is a rather inexact science and you may be wise to look through all the topics.
   Some of the texts offered here are also available as PDF files. Links to those files will be noted on the individual text page. The Acrobat reader will be required to view the files.
   Also, due to the content of a couple of our texts, we have prepared a disclaimer.

The first two years (1839-1840)

Contemporary accounts and anecdotes


Biographies / Reviews



Science and processes


Works of fiction



20th century daguerreotypy

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