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"...get the daguerreotypes of your father's cook and chambermaid..." A humorous excerpt from Lola Montez, "The Arts of Beauty..." 1858.

A few notes regarding "187 Broadway, New York" (an address at which Brady also conducted business.)

An advertisment for Brady's Gallery. From Doggett's New York City Directory for 1850-1851.

"Machine for Polishing Daguerreotype Plates." Patent text and drawing by David Shive; patented March 20, 1855.

"Improved Stereoscope-Case." Patent text and drawing by John Stull; patented February 27, 1855.

An advertisement by Southworth and Hawes The illustration of their advertisement is the source of The Daguerreian Society logo.

"Daguerre's Monument" A description of the monument erected at the place of Daguerre's burial, with illustration. From Gleason's Pictorial of February 11, 1854.

Jenny Lind. Movements, Doings, &C. From the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (October 5, 1850) along with an illustration from a daguerreotype by Whipple.

"Daguerreian" and Daguerreotype" Entries from Webster's Dictionary (1853 edition.)

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