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"Woodreve Manor" An extract from the text that describes a visit to Whitehurst's gallery.

"Mrs. Daffodil's Shopping Expedition." Selected text of a tale involving a trip to Root's gallery.

"Life and Sayings of Mrs. Partington, and Others of the Family." Two delightful passages regarding daguerreotypes.

"Grandmother Lee's Portfolio" An extract from the text (with quite fictional dates!) that describes a young girl's visit to a daguerreian gallery.

"An Hour in a Daguerrian Gallery" A sentimental tale included in The Amaranth; or, Token of Remembrance for 1855.

"The Two Daguerreotypes" A pro-temperance story from a collection of tales, Indoors and Out: or, Views from the Chimney Corner, 1854.

"Ruth Hall" A humorous anecdote extracted from this 1855 novel.

"Sketches of Paris: The Daguerreotype" An account of a visit to a daguerreian gallery. From Godey's Lady's Book of October, 1843.

"The Daguerreian Gallery" A brief chapter from a the 1852 pronouncing dictionary, The Orthoepist.

"Where Were You Last Night at Twelve. A Judicial Sketch" A humorous short story featuring "Southworth" and the studio on Tremont Row. From the Daily Republican of January 24, 1852

"The Daguerreotype" A short work of fiction where the daguerreotype is central to the plot. From Ballou's Pictorial of July 17, 1858.

"A Daguerreotype in Battle" A short work of fiction wherein the daguerreotype "saves the day." From Peterson's Magazine of September, 1863.

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