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October 6, 1998

Hello fellow daguerreotypists,

Daguerre's Return: Photographic Mutiny in the Digital Age (Starring Errol Flynn, Lionel Barrymore and Loretta Swit) Wow, what a title! What imagery! Rolling seas, stiff breezes, majestic skies and a boat load of daguerreotypists—those unruly, mangy despots—terrifying sots flung amok to keel haul all ye digital blackards! Oh, kelp me. Well, to have your timbers shivered, check out the profundities of two of our jolly crew, Ken Nelson and yours truly on the world wide web at:

   From the high seas to high society, in the New York Times of September 28th in the Arts and Entertainment section there is a piece on alternative processes that includes the wit, wisdom, and work of Jerry Spagnoli. If you haven't heard, he has found a suitable daguerreian studio in NYC and can be found at 526 W. 26Th Street in #1006. He, by the way, thinks the contemporary daguerreotype may be on the verge of being discovered. With the movie deals and items in the popular press there seems to be a ground swell of sorts. The collectable period pieces are getting impossible to find or unaffordable, so perhaps there may yet be a niche for us with the collector/investment community.
   One way of being discovered is to show your stuff at our up coming symposium in Rochester, NY in just a few weeks. We'll do two things. For strutting, we'll be in showcases with the GEH dags. With the kind assistance of Grant Romer, I will be setting up the display prior to the symposium. To be included in this portion, get your work to me by the 26th or 27th. 1 to 6 pieces would be nice. For hawking, I plan to have a table at the trade fair. Anyone that wants to pitch in and move some merchandise is welcome. If you will be in Rochester, bring the goods with you. If you can't make it, I will act as your agent...just get anything and everything to me by the above dates. In either case or both, be sure to have your plates identified, titled, and priced.
   I'm expecting to see some new faces this year and hopefully some new contributors to the exhibit. Any questions? (616) 857-4722 or

See you there,


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