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September 20, 1999

Hello fellow daguerreotypists,

It has been quite a Summer. We've had drought, recording setting heat, some blight, gypsy moths, and then the bigger natural disasters: a few quakes, the normal amount of tornadoes, hurricanes and some are saying the locusts are not far behind. The one natural disaster they are not talking about is the daguerreotype process.
   Just hope your fortunes have been better than mine as I've neared the nadir of this nonsense. Oh, there are a couple of images to show for all the sweat (and I mean sweat). At one point, to get my mind off the heat, I looked up the temperature/humidity index: 95 degrees + 65% humidity = 125 in the darkroom. "Well silly, why don't you get an air conditioner?" Whatever, lots of fans, cold beer, and the excitement of the moment does wonders. The one (?) odd thing that happened with all the heat was the bromine quit working. No matter the concentration or the time in the box, it would get up to a point and then stop. Guess I couldn't take the hint.
   Our day in the sun is upon us: the time to show off what have or haven't been doing since last year. If you are in the latter group, now is the time to panic and whip up a few images and get them to the show. I would like to be able to report we will be getting top billing this year, however. . .the room at the Chrysler Museum Inn is full. I'll be polite and say they have a small place to start with, they are very busy and there are so many events going on and on, and. . .I would've been impolite, but they never returned my calls.
   Be that as it may, we will not be left out in the cold. The movers and shakers in the Daguerreian Society--the ones who see contemporary work as the keystone in the firmament of the Society--have given us their top billing. We will have brand new, lockable, aluminum and glass, full-plate showcases (courtesy of Mark Johnson) and the use of the Executive Hospitality Suite. I have never been allowed in there, but, I was told it is the hub of activity during the conference--the press, celebs, the who's who in the world of daguerreotypes, and (most importantly) the Deep Pockets. Authoritative sources have told me, if we are to be seen, this is the place. Additionally, we will have a group table (a freebie from those same movers & shakers) at the Trade Fair.
   So, here's the deal. If you are going to the conference, bring your stuff with you. If you can't be there and want to show, get your plates to me by Wednesday the 20th and I'll get them there and back to you. Any questions?


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