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Creating a searchable archive of DagNews:

The archive of past DagNews posts can be much more useful if you create a searchable database of the original text files. Here is how it can be done:
   Download the zip file archives for each of years 1995-2005 into the same directory/folder on your hard drive. Unzip the files to the same directory/folder with Winzip or UnStuffit (for the Mac.) For your convenience, the zip files are listed below (as well as being listed within the calendar year on the DagNews page.)
   You can then use the "Find" search feature of Windows95 or your Mac, specifying this directory/folder only, to perfom word/word-string searches of the text file archive.

   DagNews archive for 2000 — (97k)

   DagNews archive for 1999 — (125k)

   DagNews archive for 1998 — (172k)

   DagNews archive for 1997 — (259k)

   DagNews archive for 1996 — (196k)

   DagNews archive for 1995 — (129k)

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