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On this day (January 19) in the year 1854, the following advertisement 
appeared in the "California Courier" (San Francisco):
- - - - - -

     Excelsior Gallery.
STARR & JOHNSON'S Daguerrean
Rooms.--Daguerreotypes and Stereo-
scopes now taken in THREE SE-
CONDS!  Family Groups and Children
taken with life-like accuracy.--
Messrs. STARR & JOHNSON have
now completed their new arrange-
ments, and have conformed their sky-
lights to the new inventions in the Art.
The celebrated Stereoscopes will be
taken by them in the greatest perfec-
tion, and they can now say that their
galleries and facilities for taking like-
nesses are equal to any in the world,
and excelled by none.  Ladies and gen-
tlemen are invited to view their exten-
sive establishment, and see speci-
mens.  Prices to suit the times. Jan. 19,
RABE'S BUILDING, 163 Clay st.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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