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During the month of November in the year 1851, the following brief note 
appeared in "The Dollar Magazine" (New York) Vol. 8, No. 47 (November 
1851) page 239:
- - - - - - -

  . . . The "HAAS"-OTYPE.--From their peculiar excellence we find some 
of our brethren of the press disposed to signalize the daguerreotype 
pictures taken by Mr. PHILLIP HAAS, by a special name.  In finish, 
color, and artistic disposition of person, and light and shade, Mr. 
Haas's daguerreotypes may certainly claim attention among those of all 
his competitors.  They are beautiful pictures, and seem to our judgment 
as near perfection as that art admits of.

* * * * * * *

DagNews reader Bob Held reminded me to mention a great exhibition 
currently on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: 

"Chaining the Sun: Portraits by Jeremiah Gurney"

October 29, 1999 -- January 23, 2000
Harrison Photography Gallery 

The Institute's web site gives this introduction to the exhibition:

   Jeremiah Gurney was Mathew Brady's primary competitor as a 
professional portrait photographer during the 1850s and 1860s. The 
exhibition will include about 150 faithful likenesses of royalty, 
famous Americans, and average citizens, all drawn from the Institute's 
major holdings of Gurney material. Most nineteenth-century photographic 
processes are represented; daguerreotypes, cartes-de-visite, stereo 
cards, and cabinet cards. A few chairs and other decorative arts 
objects similar to those seen in the portraits will help provide 
cultural context. 

The URL for this exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is: 

An excellent (and well-printed!) book--by the same name as the 
exhibition--is also available.  I could not find order information for 
the book on the Museum's web site, but I will provide the following 
contact information for the Museum Shop:
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
(612) 870-3100, or toll-free (888) MIA-ARTS (642-2787)
and ask for the Museum Shop. Information and orders to 

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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