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Dear DagNews readers,

   I'd like to take opportunity today to mention an exhibition 
currently on view in Washington, D.C. that is also available 
- - - - -

           A Durable Memento
     Portraits by Augustus Washington
     African American Daguerreotypist

 An exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery
  September 24, 1999 through January 2, 2000

   This exhibition presents thirty-two daguerreotypes from Washington's 
career as the proprietor of one of the first daguerreian studios in 
Hartford, Connecticut, and his early years in Liberia after he 
immigrated there in 1853.
   I will also mention the exhibition booklet by Ann M. Shumard:

  There is also a Washington Post review of the exhibition at:

(With thanks to Dennis Gannon for keeping me current about the 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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