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On this day (February 3) in the year 1841, the following note was 
written by E. H. Thomas to Southworth and Pennell:
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Brattleboro                                 February 3, 1841

Southworth & Pennell

     Gent.  I have completed my Daguerreotype aparatus[?], but as yet 
have had but indifferent success.  My associate Mr. Wilcox & myself 
have made a good many experiments, but do not get satisfactory 
likenesses.  I was in hopes when I left New York to accomplish the 
result without the aid of Blue Glass or reflectors, but we do not 
succeed.  The few that we have taken were by the aid of a blue glass 
poorly blued.  One tolerable result was obtained out in the open air 
with [text missing due to loss of paper] lenses in 4 minutes without 
the aid of Blue Glass.  We think the Lenses are good because we have 
produced just as good work with them as with the speculum.
     But we are apprehensive that our trouble lies in preparing the 
plate but we cannot yet tell where to look for a remedy.

E.H. Thomas

(Transcribed from a manuscript in the collection of the George Eastman 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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