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On this day (January 29) the following items appeared in their 
respective publications:
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In "Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion" (Boston) Vol. 4, No. 5 
(29 January 1853) page 79:

under the heading "Wayside Gatherings."

   A daguerreotypist took the portrait of a lady in such an admirable 
manner, that the husband preferred it to the original.

* * * * * * * * *

and in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript" (29 January 1850):

   NOVEL EXHIBITION.  Mr Whipple, the well known daguerreotypist, 98 
Washington street, gave a specimen exhibition last evening of a series 
which promise to be highly attractive.  He has, at a great expense, 
procured views of the principal buildings, landscapes, rivers, cities, 
&c, not only of the old world, but of this country, which, by means of 
a "Dissolving View," he reflects on canvas.  "In point of truth and 
beauty," says the Courier, "nothing can exceed the display.  In 
addition to his, he proposes,--by means of the "Herculanean Magnifier," 
an instrument of his own invention,--to transfer to white canvass 
several daguerreotype pictures, embracing miniatures of the principal 
men of the age, of our own and other countries, and views of the 
renowned edifices of the world."  Among the views bodied forth in this 
novel manner last evening, were Faneuil Hall, the Capitol at 
Washington, all the objects of interest at Mount Auburn, &c, &c.  It is 
to be hoped that this ingenious exhibition will be liberally 

and in the advertisements of the same issue:

open an Exhibition at his well known Daguerreo-
type rooms, No 96 Washington street, Boston, on
MONDAY EVENING, Feb 4th, of Voightlander's su-
perior Achromatic Instruments for dissolving views,
consisting of a series of splendid European and Ameri-
can Paintings by some of the first French, Italian and
German masters.  Pyramic Fires or Chromaltropes,
Kaleidoscopes and Daguerreotypes, thrown upon the
screen the size of life.
   Tickets 25 cents each, to be had at his rooms and at
Ticknor's bookstore.
   Doors open at 6 1/2 o'clock; exhibition commences at 7
o'clock.                    is6                      jan 29

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