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On this day (October 5) in the year 1850, the following article 
appeared in "The Boston Daily Evening Transcript."
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   "Ten thousand warblers cheer the day, and one
   The live long night."

   In consequence of the great desire of all classes of our citizens to 
hear Jenny Lind, in the sublime productions of Handel and Haydn, 
tickets were in brisk demand today, and we fear many will be deprived 
of places who greatly desired to attend, in consequence of her great 
European reputation in the pieces she is to give.
   Miss Lind visited Whipple's daguerrian gallery yesterday and sat for 
her picture, which is a capital one. A group of three, Jenny, Belletti 
and Benedict was also taken. Their appearance is exceedingly life-like, 
and will add greatly to Mr. Whipple's already high reputation as an 
artist.  After this sitting, Jenny, with her party, took a drive into 
the country, and was seen in the afternoon on Milton Hill, ranging 
about as a free as air, which must have been a rich treat to her, after 
so many at homes, and formal receptions of her hosts of friends.

   Sweet Bird of the forest,
     Why camest thou here?
   They voice was for heaven,
     Thy resting-place there.

   The leaves gently murmured
     Above thy fair head,
   The streams softly echoed
     Thy footsteps' low tread.

   And Nature once worshipped
     in beauty and truth,
   Now almost forgotten,
     Yet lives in thy youth.

   Then hail to thy coming
     Fair Spirit of song!
   Earth sends thee her blessing,
     Amid the gay throng.         A.

   The Concert at Providence on Monday evening will be fully attended.  
Col Ross's bid of $650 for the first ticket was the first, last, and 
only bid; there was no use in competing with this man, when his mind is 
made up.  The rest of the tickets brought from $2 to $7 premium.
   Several ladies and gentlemen from Montreal arrived at the Revere 
yesterday to attend the Concert this evening.
   Miss Lind called upon Charlotte Cushman yesterday, previous to the 
departure of the latter for New York.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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