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On this day (July 9) in the year 1852, the following two items appeared 
in the "New-York Daily Tribune" Vol 12, No. 3,502 (9 July 1852):
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          Persons going to California or to
Europe on Saturday should secure portraits this day.  Capt.
Wilson and family (of the Empire City) got their pictures
yesterday at ROOT'S great premium gallery, 363 Broadway.

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   Stereoscopic Daguerreotype.--This is an English invention, now a few 
months old, which if not very practical, is at least very curious.  Two 
photographs are taken simultaneously from the same object, in tow 
adjacent cameras, so placed as to correspond to the slight difference 
which exists in the images of an object seen with the left or right 
eye. These two images are placed in a stereoscope, that is, in a case 
so disposed as to admit the view of one picture to the right eye, and 
of the other to the left eye. The two become entirely blended together, 
and produce this optical illusion, that instead of a flat picture, you 
see solid objects, and faces with the appearance of life, in which 
motion along is wanting.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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