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On this day (May 17) in the year 1851, the following two paragraphs appeared as 
part of an article entitled "London During the Great Exhibition." in the 
"Exhibition Supplement to The Illustrated London News) Vol. 18, No. 486 (17 May 
1851) pg. 425:
- - - - - - - -

   It is only within the last few years that the force of light has been made 
directly available for the arts, in the production of pictures. Here we have 
very excellent examples of Daguerrˇotype and Calotypes.  Of the former we are 
inclined, after a very minute and careful examination, to give to America the 
first place.  Whither the atmosphere is better adapted to the art, or whether 
the preparation of Daguerrˇotypes have been congenial with the trades of the 
people, or whether they are unfettered by the patents in force in England, 
certain it is that the number of exhibitors has been very great, and the quality 
of production super-excellent.  The likenesses of various distinguished 
Americans, by Mr. Brady, are noble examples of this style of art.  The family of 
Mr. Churchill is a very pretty group; and the series of views illustrating the 
falls of Niagara are a very appropriate example of American industry, by Mr. 
Whitehurst, of Baltimore.  The large specimens by Mr. Harrison are also 
excellent.  In fact, the American display of Daguerrˇotypes is some degree 
atones for the disrespect with which they have treated all other nations, in 
having applied for so large a space, and yet at best having left their space 
comparatively unfilled.
   Whilst stating that the Americans have surpassed all nations in the 
production of Daguerrˇotypes, it must not be understood that the English are 
much deficient in this branch of art.  M. Claudet has exhibited a very fine 
collection.  Mr. Mayall, who, perhaps, must be regarded as an American, has also 
a good display; and, upon the whole, our show is by no means discreditable to 

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