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On this day (May 7) in the year 1846, the following items appeared in the "Public Ledger" (Philadelphia) Vol. 21, No. 36 (7 May 1846):- - - - - - - -   Valuable Present.--Messrs. Langenheim, the eminent Daguerreotypists, a few days since received, through the Consul General of Wurtemburg, residing in Baltimore, a handsome gold medal, in return for a set of plates containing the views of Niagara, taken on the spot during the last year, and transmitted some months since to the King of Wurtemburg.  The value of the medal is about $50; on its face appears in bold relief the head of "Frederick Wilhelm, King V, Wurtemb."  The reverse has the motto "Dem Verdienste," and beneath is happily grouped the various instruments used in connection with the arts and sciences.  The following is a translation of the letter accompanying the medal:                        BALTIMORE, April 30, 1846.   Messrs. W. & F. Langenheim, Philadelphia:--Yesterday I received an official letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Count of Beroldingen, in which he informs me that His Majesty, the King of Wurtemberg, has charged him to transmit to you his thanks for the Daguerreotype view of the Falls of Niagara, which you presented to him.  At the same time His Majesty has granted to you the large gold medal for art and science, in regard for your extraordinary productions in your art, which medal I am charged to transmit to you.  I have the honor to be, &c.         F. L. BRAUNS, Consul General.(and the following two advertisements):TO DAGUERREOTYPE OPERATORS.--F. LANG-ENHEIM'S newly invented and patent COLOR-ING PROCESS, with additional improvements; andalso the right to Wm. A. Pratt's mode of Coloring, willbe disposed of, on applying to the subscribers, who havepurchased of the latter the sole agency and authority forthe States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.Those who wish to learn the art, can obtain further in-formation, terms of sale, &c., by applying to W. & F.LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange.       ap17-1m*DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS.--JOHNROACH. Optician, No. 82 NASSAU Street, NewYork, has constantly on hand every article required byoperators.  Voightlander, French and American tubes.Triple Compound of Bromine, now called "Quick-stuff," a preparation that works with certainty andquickness in all weather.  Artists will find it cheaperfor use than mixing their own chemicals.  Price $1 perbottle.                                    my2-lUt*--------------------------------------------------------------Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     --------------------------------------------------------------05-07-98

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