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I have three current "on-line" news items for today. . .
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John Craig's "Daguerreian Registry" is now on-line!  Hardly needing any 
introduction, this is an invaluable resource on American photographers 
1839-1860.  While the print version is a must for any library (both 
personal and institutional), the on-line availability of this 
information is a tremendous boon to anyone with an interest in the 
makers of the daguerreian image.  The URL to bookmark is:

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Lynne and Mark White have authored a brief on-line photographer profile 
of Jesse H. Whitehurst illustrated with five examples of daguerreotypes 
from his galleries.  The article is both informative and attractively 
presented.  I believe that this is only a "taste of things to come" 
from the on-going research into the life and gallery operations of 
Whitehurst.  The URL is:

The Whitehurst article is a feature of the premier issue of "Image 
Magazine." The on-line magazine, edited by Ron Coddington, is dedicated 
to historic photography.  I wish this magazine much success!  The URL 

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Last but not least...

   Julie Mellby of the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts at the 
Houghton Library of Harvard has a daguerreotype of which she is wanting 
to identify the location.  I've made the image available on the web at:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and should be directed to 
Julie Mellby at:
   Julie Mellby
   (617) 495-2444  (phone)
   (617) 4985-1376  (fax)

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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