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On this day (January 31) in the year 1845, the following five advertisements 
appeared in the "New-York Daily Tribune" Vol. 4, No. 255 (31 January 1845):
- - - - - - - - - 

   National Miniature Gallery,
      247 Broadway, N. Y.
a9 istf    ANTHONY, EDWARDS & CO.

* * * * * *

      Colored Daguerreotypes,
        192 Broadway, N. Y.
 d28 tfis   N. G. BURGESS, Principal Operator

* * * * * *

Daguerrian Gallery of Patent Premium Colored Photo-
graphs, No. 251 Broadway, above Murray-street, New-York,
awarded the Medal, four first Premiums and two 'Highest
Honors' at the Exhibitions of the Institutes of Massachusetts,
New-York and Pennsylvania, respectively, for most beautiful
colored Pictures and best apparatus ever exhibited.
  WANTED--2 or 3 skillful operators.              d10is

* * * * * *

U N I T E D   S T A T E S   D A G U E R R I A N   G A L L E R Y  175
B R O A D W A Y,   U P   S T A I R S. --E.  W H I T E would re-
spectfully call the attention of citizens and strangers visiting
the city, to his splendid collection of Daguerreotype Portraits,
single or in groups from 2 to 14 persons on the same plate,
which for beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot be sur-
passed.  Portraits taken in all kinds of weather, either with or
without the colors, the prices of which he has reduced to those
charged by the most inexperienced in the business.
  The American Institute at its late exhibition awarded Mr.
White the First Premium for the best Daguerreotype Likeness-
es, (for grouping and general effect) which is but another proof
to the superiority of his Portraits.
  Mr. White is sole agent in New York for the very superior
imported German Cameras, and at no other establishment in
the city or state can they be obtained.
  N. B.--Imported German Cameras, also French and Ameri-
can instruments of the very best quality, with Plates, Cases
Chemicals, Polishing materials, &c.
  Mr. White's Case Manufactory being the largest and most
extensive in the United States, he is enabled (from the quantity
he manufactures) to sell Daguerreotype Miniature Cases, 10
per cent lower than any other house in the Union.    *18ye

* * * * * *

     F I R S T   P R E M I U M   N E W - Y O R K
D A G U E R R I A N   M I N I A T U R E   G A L L E R Y,
    Corner of Broadway and Fulton street, entrance
                   third door,
WHERE may be had MINIATURES which, for beauty
of color, tone and effect, can at all times commend
themselves; and if not superior, are equal to any that have
been heretofore taken.  Mr. B. does not claim superiority for
himself, but leaves his pictures to the criticisms of a just and
intelligent public, who, as well as strangers, are invited sit-
ing or not.  Likenesses in all cases warranted to give satisfac-
tion, and colored in a most beautiful manner, and in which de-
partment Mr. B. does claim superiority, it being filled by a
competent and practical person.  Taken in all kinds of weather,
from 8 A.M. till 5 P.M.
  The American Institute awarded a First Premium to
M. B. Brady at the late Fair.
  Instructions carefully given in the art.
  d7 3m*y                                    M. B. BRADY.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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