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On this day (December 13) in the year 1849, the following
advertisement appeared in "The Republic" (Washington, D.C.
Vol 1, No. 155):
- - - - - - - - - - -

A M E R I C A N   P H O T O G R A P H I C   G A L L E R Y.

S. N. CARVALHO, Artist, of Baltimore, respect-
fully informs the citizens of Washington, and
the public in general, that he has rented the Da-
guerreotype Gallery formerly occupied by Van
Loan & Chase, at the corner of 4 1/2  street and Penn-
sylvania avenue, where he is prepared to make
pictures which will bear comparison with any Da-
guerreotypes in the world.  He has established at
Baltimore a reputation for making the best pictures
in that city; and the public at Washington have
now the opportunity of procuring an artistic pic-
ture, such an one as will be worthy a place in the
cabinet of the connoisseur or the ladies' centre-
table.  Groups of any number of persons can be
taken, with all the classical arrangement of light
and shadow, expression, and beautiful tone of a
highly finished mezzotint engraving.
  N. B. The greatest care taken in procuring cor-
rect likenesses of children; and in no instance will
a charge be made without the picture is perfectly
satisfactory.  Call and examine specimens.  Post-
mortem cases promptly attended to.
  Corner of 2 1/2 st. and Penn. av.         Dec 7

(As always, original errors of spelling/grammar maintained. -G.E.)
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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