The Daguerreian Society

 On this day (October 24) in the year 1846, the following
notices appeared in "The Daily Picayune" (New Orleans,
Vol. X., Number 233): 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
(accompanied by a crude wood engraving illustration 
of a sitter, daguerreotypist with camera) 
  M A G U I R E ' S   DA- 
removed to the south-east 
corner of Canal and Camp. 
Entrance No. 6 Camp street. 
Portraits guarantied perfect 
and satisfactory or no charge 
  APPARATUS with Instructions (guarantied 
the genuine Voigtlander Camera) for sale on reasonable 
terms; Plates, Cases, &c., &c., for sale at the lowest 
prices.                                       016tf 
(and an additional advertisement...) 
            Maguire's Daguerreotype. 
J. M. would respectfully return thanks for the liberal 
patronage bestowed on him since he first had the 
honor of introducing the DAGUERREOTYPE into 
New Orleans five years ago, during which time he 
has taken more portraits than any other person in the 
world.  His specimens were exhibited at the Fair in 
competition with others taken by the best operator 
from New York, and he was awarded the FIRST 
  No specimens exhibited at his establishment but those 
taken by himself. 
  J.M. assures the public his Portraits will continue to 
be what they always have been, the best.  His long expe- 
rience and constant practice are the best inducements 
to persons desirous of instruction in the beautiful art. 
  Genuine Voigtlander Cameras 20 per cent, cheaper 
than any in this city; all other articles the same. 
Plates at $2 40 per dozen; Scorillis[*] No. 1. for $3 25. 
guarantied the best plates made in the United States; 
Cases $2 75 and $3 50; New York Cameras at $18. 
  Orders from the country promptly attended to. 
       Entrance--No. 6 Camp street.              o9--tf 
[*Scovills -G.E.] 
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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