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On this day (October 2) in the year 1852, the following notice appeared in 
the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":
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  DAGUERREOTYPE FAIR--THE STEREOSCOPE.  Messrs. Southworth & Hawes have 
successfully accomplished the purpose towards which they have so long aimed 
in the completion of the Grand Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope.
  They will on Monday next open their new Exhibition Room, and offer to all 
lovers of pictures a treat, indeed.  No such display of the Photographic 
Art has ever been or can be elsewhere made.  Their largest quadruple 
Plates--their own original Crayon, illuminated--colored and picturesque 
Backgrounds, with a variety of styles found nowhere else, either in size, 
attitude or character, warrant them in confidently offering a surpassingly 
rich exhibition.
  Of the effect of their new Stereoscope, all description is meagre when 
compared with the reality.  Perfect modelling,, the solidity and rotundity 
of statuary, the perspective of nature itself, is charming and almost 
beyond belief, even whilst viewing it.
  In their collection are more than one hundred pictures never before 
exhibited, among which are a large number of views of the richest monuments 
of Mount Auburn; the U.S. ship Ohio; the Decatur in the Dock at the Navy 
Yard; groups of Statuary, from the Athenaeum; also the interior of the 
Library room; the Horticultural Exhibition; San Francisco, &c. &c.  Among 
the new likenesses from life, are those of the Hon. Mr. Baring, M.P.; Hon. 
Mr. Twistleton, M.P.; the Hon. Mr. Huntington; Rev. Dr. Woods; Rev. Dr. 
Bridgman and lady, from China; Fanny Forrester, and others, together with 
several prominent Boston gentlemen, and a group of the last graduating 
class of young ladies at the Normal School, Newton, and also of members of 
a class of Harvard College, of distinguished men.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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