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I recently placed on The Daguerreian Society's website the text and 
illustrations from Sadakichi Hartmann's 1912 article, "The 
Daguerreotype." Take a look at:

  I also did get a few responses to recent questions that I posed to 
DagNews members:
  Regarding the origin of the phrase, "secure the shadow..." (9-15-96,) 
Jay Ruby responded, "As I titled my book on death and photography 
'Secure The Shadow,' I made an exhaustive search as to its origin and 
drew a blank." Regarding the Plumbe advertisement (9-12-96,) Ron Polito
responded: "re your question about R. Plumbe, this was Richard, John's
brother. Active at 75 Court from 1847-49; 228 Washington Street, 1849-50.
John appears active at 75 Court from 1840-47 (ref: A Directory of
Massachusetts Photographers: 1839-1900, Steele & Polito, Picton Press,

Today's news...
   On this day (September 21) in the year 1853, the following 
advertisement appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

D A G U E R R E O T Y P E   S A L O O N   F O R   S A L E,
  now doing a good business, pleasantly located in a
neighboring city; a cash capital of about $400 would be
required.  Apply corner Portland and Sudbury sts.
  sept21   3t   J. B. CLAPP & SON, House Brokers.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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