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I just returned from a three day weekend in Seattle; hence the day-late
delivery.  However, in my scouting in the area, I did a purchase an 1855
issue of "Scientific American" that contains a terrific article by Masher
regarding taking daguerreotypes without a camera.  You'll have to wait until
next Spring for that article to come up in my posts.

Things are fairly quiet for today except for the following mention of the Boston 
daguerreotypists' participation in a parade for the inauguration of the statue
of Benjamin Franklin:
From "Boston Daily Advertiser" (Vol. 88, No. 66) September 17, 1856:

                    City of Boston.
  The Inauguration of the Statue of Benjamin Franklin will
take place on WEDNESDAY, September 17, 1856, and the oc-
casion will be celebrated under the direction of the City Gov-
ernment, by a 
             P U B L I C   P R O C E S S I O N ,
and other appropriate ceremonies. . .
  At sunrise, and at the close of the Ceremonies of Inaugura-
tion, the bells of the city will be rung for one hour, and salutes
will be fired. . . 

[then follows a description and list of the committee, and the "ORDER OF 

. . .               Third Division.
Under the direction of
          Capt. Charles O. Roger, Chief Marshal...
   Comprising the Mechanical Professions, Artists Manufac-
turers, Associations of Business Men and Dealers in various ar-
ticles of mechandize, &c. with banners, devices, representa-
tion of business, &c., on platforms or wagons drawn by horses
as follows:
The Franklin Typographical Society, Printers' Union and other
  Societies and Associations of Printers, with ancient and
    modern Printing Presses in operation, types and imple-
                     ments of business.
Representations of various Newspaper Establishments in Bos-
          ton, with presses, &c., in working order,
             Editors and Publishers of Newspapers.
Telegraph Operators, Representatives of the various Express
         establishments in the city with wagons, &c.
Electricians, Manufacturers of and dealers in Astronomical and
          Philosophical Instruments, with specimens.
Artists and persons engaged in the sale of works of Art, in-
  cluding Daguerrean artists, Pyrotechnists, &c., with
      specimens of Statuary, Paintings, Photographs,
                    Fireworks, &c.,&c.
          Architects and Draughtsmen with models.
              Soap and Candle Manufacturers.
Manufacturers of Cotton, Woolen, Silk, Paper, Glass, &c., inclu-
        ding all who are not embraced in the second division,
                    with specimens of Merchandize. . .
. . .[the list goes on]

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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