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On this day (August 3) the following items appeared in their respective 
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In the 1841 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

  Photography.  M. Arago communicated to the Academy of Science that M. 
Daguerre was still occupied upon a most important series of experiments 
connected with the improvement of photography.  Thus, with the view of 
increasing the sensitiveness of the prepared plates, he had subjected 
them to the action of electricity, while in the camera obscura, and had 
then immediately exposed them to the rays of light.  The electric fluid 
had, however, made the plates too sensitive, and so much so that the 
mere opening of the covering of the plate inside the camera obscura 
could not be effected rapidly enough to prevent some portions of the 
impression from being much more vivid than others.  M. Daguerre had 
therefore made use of a preparation not so sensitive as that which he 
commonly employed, and upon again employing the force of electricity had 
obtained such a degree of sensitiveness that only the millionth part of 
a second was necessary for obtaining an impression; so that it was not 
expecting too much to anticipate that, when further improvements should 
be effected, the actions of the human body might all be taken by the 

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And these two items in the 1852 issue of the "New-York Daily Tribune" 
(Vol.XII, No.3,523):

  $100 REWARD.--The Daguerreian Gal-
lery of J. W. THOMPSON was entered between 7 o'clock
P.M. Saturday, July 31, and 7 A.M. August 2, and robbed
of about $800 worth of gold lockets and jewelry. The
above reward will be paid for the recovery of the property,
and no questions asked, or double the amount for the recov-
ery of the goods and conviction of the thieves.
                    J. W. THOMPSON, No. 315 Broadway

   Of course we all know that by quiet reflection
   We strengthen the bonds of well-grounded affections.
   Bear this in mind, lovers--and do not forget,
   That of all the reflections you've ever had yet,
   The surest reflection to forward your suit,
   is your own perfect image, reflected by ROOT.
          ROOT'S Daguerrean Gallery, No.363 Broadway.

(A note from Gary: I wish to again acknowledge Mr. Chris Steele 
for the use of his extensive files. A large portion of my
citations from Boston-area publications are from his research.)
Posted for your enjoyment.       Gary W. Ewer      

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