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On this day, July 14, in the year 1848, the following advertisement
appeared in the "New York Evening Express":

               EDWARD WHITE, (late J. R. Clark,)
                    247 Broadway, New York.
       (Over the Jewelry Store of Ball, Tompkins & Black.)
   THIS really splendid establishment has been recently still further
improved by its present proprietor, and now offers every facility for
the rapid production of D A G U E R R E O T Y P E  M I N I A T U R E S
of the most extraordinary beauty.  The Rooms are very large and
commodious, and arrangements have been made, expressly with a
view of taking GROUPS of figures.
   The specimens of this wondrous art, in this Gallery, "there being
near a thousand Portraits of all our most celebrated men, should be
examined by all who wish  D A G U E R R E O T Y P E  MINIATURES in
order to see to what an astonishing degree of perfection this art
has been brought.  These Pictures are so accurate in outline, per-
spective and foreshortening, and so delicate in light, shade, and hue
as to surpass all other in their exquisite beauty.
   We are sure that intelligent persons, who can distinguish between
a good and bad picture, will not long continue to purchase Daguer-
reotypes that have nothing to recommend them but their low price.
   The Public are respectfully invited to visit this Gallery.  Prices
a formerly.(sic)                              Je14 3m M&E


On this same day, in 1846, the following advertisement appeared in the
"Daily Herald" (Newburyport; vol.XV, No.11):

         D A G U E R R E O T Y P E.
              WILLIAM SNELL

WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the
public, that he has recently made valuable im-
provements in the Daguerreotype art, and purchased a
large German Camera, the best which can be had in
the country, by which larger and more beautiful im-
pressions can be produced.
   Having possessed myself with every new improve-
ment which Messrs Litch & Whipple(the best artists
in Boston,) have, and using the same apparatus and
the same materials which they use, and from long ex-
perience in the business, I hope to be able to produce
as good likenesses as can be taken anywhere.  Groups
of from two to six can be well taken.  Also, full length
pictures of children.
   Instruction given and apparatus furnished.
   W.S. acts as agent for Messrs Litch & Whipple
for the sale of German Cameras, or any kind of appa-
ratus used in the art.
   Rooms No 3 Pleasant street, up stairs, where
a large number of specimens may be seen.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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