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On this day (June 24) in the year 1848, the following notice appeared in 
the "Salem Gazette" (Vol. 2, No. 75.) (It is also, by the way, a great 
example of how often news items are "borrowed" between newspapers.)
- - - - - - - - - - -

  WHIPPLE'S DAGUERREOTYPES.  Our readers cannot have failed to notice the 
advertisement of Mr. Whipple's daguerreotypes, in our paper, for some weeks 
past.  The following article in reference to the same, is copied from the 
Boston Traveller:
  MR. WHIPPLE'S DAGUERREOTYPES.--We find in the Transcript the following 
commendatory but very just notice of Mr. Whipple's Daguerreotypes, which it 
gives up great pleasure to transfer to our columns:

  Daguerreotypes.   The writer of the following note having visited similar 
establishments in most of the principal cities of the Union, does not 
hesitate to declare his decided preference for the portraits taken by Mr. 
Whipple and his assistants, over those of any daguerreotypist. --The 
beautiful and life-like expression given to the eye, and the faithful 
delineation of the features generally, justly entitled Mr. Whipple to the 
medal awarded to him by the Mechanic Fair recently held in this city.  He 
has unquestionably carried this noble art to a high degree of perfection, 
and has spared neither pains nor expense in the fitting up of his rooms, 
and in using every effort to take with unexampled beauty and accuracy the 
daguerreotype portraits of all who have given him a trial.  His operating 
room, which is entirely detached from the Daguerrian gallery is admirably 
adapted for that purpose, and is lighted by means of a large sky light; the 
plates are polished by steam, and indeed the entire establishment is 
conducted on the most extensive scale.  I would recommend all, who have not 
yet procured a duplicate copy of themselves, to pay Mr. Whipple a visit. 
--This hurried notice is wholly spontaneous and unsolicited.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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