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On this day (June 15) in the year 1848, the following notice appeared in 
the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

  A Daguerreotype artist by the name of Jaquay has purchased a flat boat at 
Pittsburg, and fitted up a daguerreotype gallery on board.  He intends to 
float with the currents.

* * * * * * *
In the June 1871 issue of "The Photographic Time" (Vol. I, No. 6,) the 
following paragraph closed a brief article title, "Faded 
Daguerreotypes."(The short article includes an explanation of cyanide 

   . . .We agree with Mr. Reeves in regretting the entire abandonment of 
the daguerreotype process in this country.  In America they are still 
occasionally produced.  The late Mr. Claudet, up to the time of his death, 
we believe, kept his daguerreotype apparatus in working order, and 
occasionally produced portraits therewith for the stereoscope.  We do not 
know of any one in England who would now undertake to produce a daguerre  
otype.  Many old photographers preserve their apparatus with a lingering 
affection; but success essentially depending on everything being kept in 
condition, no attempt is made to use it.  We think that if an artist in 
London were known to produce good daguerreotypes, it is not at all 
improbably that he might frequently receive commissions for such work.  We 
fear, however, that no one will undertake the experiment.--Photo. News.
  Mr. Bogardus of this city and others have always made daguerreotypes 
until this day.  Thousands of these old time pictures are yearly brought to 
the photographer to copy, and very bad copies are made because they are not 
first properly cleaned.  The above article will therefore be useful.--Ed. 

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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