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On this day (June 14) in the year 1845,  the following notice and 
advertisement appeared in the "Pensacola Gazette" (Florida):
- - - - - - - - -

  Daguerrotype.--Those of our citizens who are desirous of themselves or 
friends taken in this cheap and perfect manner, will never find a better 
opportunity than that afforded by the visit of Dr. McIntyre (whose 
advertisement appears in another column) to our city.  We have paid a 
pleasant visit to the Doctor's apartments at Hernandez's and have never 
seen more perfect specimens of the beautiful art to which he has devoted 
himself, and have seldom met with a gentleman of more agreeable and amiable 
deportment.  We see that the Tallahassee papers (which city he has recently 
left) do full justice to the Doctor's worth, professional and 
private--indeed, he seems to have won golden opinions from all, wherever it 
has been his lot to sojourn.  We advise our friends to pay him a visit.
  In connection with the above, we would also recommend to those who may be 
suffering from decayed teeth, &c., to give Dr. S. an early call, we can 
from personal knowledge recommend him to the public as a scientific 

* * * * *

      Daguerrian Gallery,
    At Mr. Quinn's Building.
     DR. S. C. McINTYRE re-
spectifully informs the Ladies and
Gentleman of Pensacola, that he is now
Prepared at the above rooms to execute
coloured Photographs in the latest and
Most improved style.  Colours warranted
never to fade.
  His specimens are open at all times for
the inspection of those who may favor him
with a visit.
  Likenesses taken in all kinds of weath-
er.  Hours from 8 A. M. till 5 P. M.
  In connection with his brother, at the
Florida House, he will attend to all the
branches of Dentistry.
  June 14, 1845-11-3w

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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