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On this day (May 2) the following two items appeared in their respective 
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In the 1852 Boston Daily Evening Transcript:

P A N O R A M A   O F   S A N   F R A N C I S C O--GRATU-
               ITOUS EXHIBITION.
  J. A. WHIPPLE, Daguerreotypist, 96 Washington st.
has just received from California five Daguerreotype
Views of San Francisco, being a complete panorama of
the city, taken from an eminence overlooking it.  The
Bay is seen beyond, and the Mountains in the distance.
All who have an interest to see this famous place, with-
out enduring the fatigue of a journey, would do well to
call at Mr. Whipple's Rooms.        is3t     je2

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and in the 1846 "Chronotype" (Boston [daily], Vol. 1, No. 82):

  A GIGANTIC DAGUERREOTYPE.--A recent French letter says--"M. Martenz 
[Frederick von Martens -ed.] is said to have discovered the means of 
carrying on the daguerreotype process on a gigantic scale.  He can, he 
says, daguerreotype an entire panorama, embracing 150 degrees.  His process 
consists in curving the metallic plate, and causing the lens which reflects 
the landscape to turn by clock-work; the lens, in turning, passes over one 
side the whole space to be daguerreotyped, and on the other side moves the 
refracted luminous cone to the plate, to which the objects are successively 
conveyed."--Mining Journal.

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