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On this day, May 18, the following items appeared in their respective 
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In the 1843 "Nashua Gazette and Hillsborough Advertiser" (Nashua, N.H. 
Vol. 17, No. 14):

It is stated that Professor Bottinger, of Frankfort-on-the-Maine, has 
just discovered a mode of Daguerreotyping in colors, as easy and as 
rapid as the ordinary process.

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In the 1852 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

GOVERNOR KOSSUTH and Secretary may now be called upon, without the 
visitor's being solicited to furnish "material aid," at the gallery of 
Messrs. Southworth & Hawes, 5 1/2 Tremont Row.  The illustrious 
Hungarians will here be introduced through the medium of the 
Stereoscope; and those who would witness the very embodiment of Kossuth, 
as he appeared yesterday, must call.

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In the 1850 "Scientific American" (Vol. 5, issue 35, pg 276):


Mr. Chas. J. Anthony, of Pittsburg has invented one of the grandest 
improvements ever made in the art of Daguerreotyping;  in fact we 
believe it second only to the discovery of Daguerre himself.  The 
improvement consists in what is termed the "Magic Back Ground," which is 
given by a chemical process, and consists in overcoming one of the 
greatest difficulties that artists have to contend against.  Mr. 
Anthony, by his process, can give the picture any kind of back ground he 
pleases--light or dark and imitation of sky, or draperied canopy.  One 
sample which we saw, had a back ground in imitation of pearl, with the 
picture standing out in full relief.  The back ground can be given 
either before, during, or after the impression is taken.  The process is 
simple and the expense trifling.
   Mr. Anthony has applied for a patent, and has assigned his interest 
of it to Mr. Levi Chapman, of this city, who will no doubt make a grand 
affair of such a deserving and meritorious discovery.

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