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In the May, 1857 issue of "Hutching's California Magazine" (San 
Francisco, Vol.1, No. 11,) the following two items appeared:
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--There is often--indeed, almost always--a feeling of sadness, which 
falls with gentle stealth upon the heart, when with slow and measured 
footsteps, we walk among the green hillocks of the dead. The cheerful 
looking flowers and shrubs, planted and watched by some loving-hearted 
mourner, may somewhat relieve the intensity and depth of its gloom, but, 
with this relief, it partakes too much of the "earth, earthy," and of 
the "cold, dark grave, than of the "mortal" having "put on immortality."
   If on every tombstone there could be seen the life-likeness of the 
sleeper, as with sparkling eye, and noble mien he walked "a man among 
men;" or of some gentle lady, whose kindly and generous impulses could 
be read in every feature of the "face divine;" or of the angel-child, 
whose joyous laugh, and innocent smile speaks of the loss to its 
bereaved and loving parents--and of its passage from earthly to heaven 
to be the guardian-spirit of the wandering and the disconsolate upon 
earth--how much more inviting would then be the last resting places of 
the departed,--could we thus seek the "living" among the "dead," and on 
every tombstone see the living representative of the sleeper.

...and an advertisement on the issue's wrappers:

          E. B. & D. H. HENDEE
    D A G U E R R E A N   A R T I S T S,
Beautiful and life-like Ambrotypes taken in 
all weathers, in the highest style of the art.
   Views of Claims, &c., &c.,

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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