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On this day (May 7, 1851) the following notice appeared in the
Illustrated News (New York):

In the column header for "The Fine Arts":

	Among other "little pleasures" with which the city abounds, we
class our semi-occasional droppings in at daguerreotype galleries. The
recognition of the portraits of those whom we have seen before, or the
likenesses of those of whom we have heard, but never seen, is always
gratifying, and there are few who ever visit a well stocked gallery,
without such rencontres.  Among the best daguerreotype collections in
our city, we may safely class that of Mr. Lawrence, No. 381 Broadway, who
excels in his art, and who appears to be remarkably successful in

In the advertisements, under the header for "daguerreotypes":

T H E  W O R L D ' S  F A I R. --

Thousands and thousands of people will visit New York this
summer who never have done so, and probably never will again: and
as each will undoubtedly desire to carry back some memorial of the
visit, we cannot do them a better service than to state that ROOT'S
magnificent DAGUERREOTYPES are the most appropriate of all
souvenirs, being the perfect representation of the form and feature, and
every peculiar shade of expression of whomsoever may sit for them.
ROOT'S CRAYONS are the most perfect gems of art ever made,
and are remarkably popular. ROOT'S GREAT FREE GALLERY
OF DISTINGUISHED PORTRAITS is a curiosity in itself.  It is
at No. 363 Broadway, corner of Franklin street, first floor up stairs,
easy of access.  Perfect pictures are taken in any weather, rain or

Also:  If you have a graphical web browser, don't miss the page for
Jay Ruby's new book "Secure the Shadow."  One of the illustrations
is a daguerreotype of a woman dressed in mourning clothing.  A graphic 
file of the image is also available for download from his "gallery."
The URL is:  http://fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU:80/~ds8s/hist.html
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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