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Today's DagNews includes an announcement from Anthony Davis about a
Symposium being held May 31 - June 1. 
First the news:

On this day, March 22, the following items appeared in their respective
- - - - - - - - - - 

In the 1845 "Springfield Daily Republican" (Mass.):

Herr Driesbach, with his tiger in his arms has been Daguerreotyped in
Philadelphia.  This is the first instance of a wild animal's sitting for
his miniature.

* * * * * * *

And in the same newspaper, but in the year 1851:

  It is estimated that there are no less than ten thousand
daguerreotypists in the United States at the present time.  It may be
thought a little singular, yet it is nevertheless true, that the best
daguerreotypist in Paris in an American, a Yankee from Boston, named
Thompson.  So great has been his success, that at the very city where
the invention was first made, the Frenchmen go to Mr T. to perfect
themselves in the art.  In London, also, the first daguerreotypist is an
American and he is overrun with customers.

* * * * * *
and the announcement from Anthony Davis:

On Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st, 1997 we will be holding A
Burbank Airport Hilton, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505.

  On Saturday, distinguished speakers and dealers in photographic
collectibles will discuss all aspects of assembling a collection. 
  Keith Davis, curator of the prestigious Hallmark Photographic
Collection in Kansas City, will give a talk and slide presentation on
lesser known aspects of the Collection.
  Sandra Phillips, curator of photographs at the San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art, will talk and show slides documenting the expanding horizons
of photographic collecting in an institutional setting.
  Stephen White, a local collector and dealer, and co-organizer of the
Symposium, will speak on unusual aspects of his extensive photographic
 After lunch, a panel of expert dealers, including co-organizers Michael
Dawson of Dawson's Book Store and Anthony Davis, a local 19th century
photographic dealer, will answer audience questions and give brief
presentations on specialized areas of collecting.
  This will be followed by an auction conducted by Pacific Book Auction
Galleries of San Francisco, offering a broad variety of photographic
collectibles - daguerreotypes, 19th and 20th century paper photographs
and photographic books. An illustrated catalog will be available.
  On Sunday, a photographic Show and Sale of all types of photographic
collectibles will be held.

  For further information on the Symposium, Auction and Show, please
contact Anthony Davis (818) 762 3540 or e-mail at:

(I'm sending today post from my email address at work. I may do this
from time to time for my own convenience. I would prefer, however, that
any correspondence regarding DagNews be sent to my address as given
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