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On this day (March 14) in the year 1840, the following two advertisements 
appeared in the "New York Observer" (Volume XVIII., No. 11):
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE DAGUERREOTYPE.-The Daguerreotype apparatus, made from the designs of 
the distinguished discoverer of the process, is manufactured and for sale 
at 140 Nassau street.  The subscriber is the first, it is believed, who 
made this apparatus in this country.  It has been used with successful 
results by gentlemen well known to the public, who are ready at any time to 
attest to its excellence.  Several simplifications also of the apparatus, 
by scientific men have been adopted, making it preferable to the French 
apparatus.  Its cost will also be less by about 30 dollars.
  N. B.--Orders received for plates manufactured by
  f 293t                            CORDUAN, PERKINS & CO.

- - - - - - - -

THE DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS, made from the designs of the distinguished 
discoverer of the process, is manufactured and for sale at the 
Philosophical Instrument Establishment, 140 Nassau street, warranted to be 
correct and perfect in all its parts.  The subscriber has, by the aid of 
scientific men, succeeded in simplifying the apparatus in such a manner 
that it lessens the expense, is more portable than the French, and shortens 
an important part of the process.  The apparatus consists of the camera, 
the iodine box, the mercury apparatus, the box containing the chemical 
preparations used in the process, the plate box, the spirit lamp, and the 
washing or finishing apparatus, all put up in a neat chest suitable for 
traveling, and fitted up in such a manner that the traveller may stop by 
the way and take views without being put to the inconvenience of first 
providing a dark chamber for that part of the process which requires to be 
done in the dark.  The prices vary from 15 to 60 dollars.  Those who are 
intending to purchase had better call and see the apparatus and proofs 
taken by it.
                                  G. W. PROSCH,
                                    140 Nassau street, N. Y.
  The subscriber has leave to refer to Professor Samuel F. B. Morse, New 
York City University; Prof. John W. Draper, do. do.; Dr. John Torrey, M. 
D., Prof. of Chemistry, Medical College; Dr. James R. Chilton.
  N. B.--Order received for plates manufactured by Corduan, Perkins & Co.
                                                                f29 10t

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