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On this day (March 4) in the year 1841, the following news item
appeared in the "Salem Register" (Salem, Mass.; Vol. 41, No. 18):

What we may expect for the Daguerreotype, is fully shown by the 
physolophic Arago:--"To copy the millions and millions of hieroglyphics 
which entirely cover, to the very exterior, the very great monuments at 
Thebes, Memphis, Carnac, &c., would require scores of years, and legions 
of artists.  With the Daguerreotype, a single man would suffice to bring 
to a happy conclusion this vast labor.  Arm the Egyptian Institute with 
two or three of Daguerre's instruments, and on several of the large 
engravings in that celebrated work, the fruit of our immortal 
expedition, vast assemblages of real hieroglyphics would replace 
fictitious or purely conventional characters.  At the same time, these 
designs shall incomparably surpass, in fidelity, in truth of local 
color, the works of the ablest artists.  Again, these photographic 
delineations, having been subjected, during their formation to the rules 
of geometry, shall enable us, with the aid of a few simple data, to 
ascertain the exact dimensions of the most elevated parts, and of the 
most inaccessible edifices.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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