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On this day (March 2) the following items appeared in their respective 

from the 1850 "Daily Republican" (Springfield, Mass.; Vol. 7; No. 53):

  Western Daguerreotyping.--There is a floating Daguerrean Gallery now 
tied up at Gallipolis, O.  The boat bears the significant name of 
"Artist."  It is announced that the boat has been in operation two 
years, and the proprietors declare that no Gallery, East or West, has 
the advantages combined in their establishment.  This is a regular 
Western enterprise, and the proprietors will doubtless realize largely 
from the "floating capital."

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from the 1853 "Daily Evening Transcript (Boston):

  IMPROVEMENT IN DAGUERREOTYPING.  Charleston papers state that a 
daguerrean artist of that city has recently made an important discovery 
or improvement in the art of taking pictures.  It is a process of 
enameling,--applied after the picture is taken,--by which the impression 
is permanently secured, and protected from the action of fire, water, or 
contact of any kind.  Thus protected, the daguerreotype needs no glass, 
in framing, and it may be transmitted, without injury, by mail, to any 
distance.  If this is true, a great addition has been made to the value 
of the daguerreotype.

(In a post last year, I gave the text of an April 2, 1853 advertisement 
by J. Gurney as ". . . having completed arrangements and entered into an 
engagement with Mr. S. N. Carvalho, the discover of the above beautiful 
and highly important process ["transparent enamelled daguerreotypes"], 
takes this method to inform his patrons and the public generally, that 
Mr. Carvalho may be found at his gallery, No. 349 Broadway, where he is 
prepared to enamel daguerreotypes of all sizes, whether taken at the 
gallery or elsewhere.")
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