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To my knowledge, this poem has never been referenced in any photo-
historical text of any sort.  I came across the mention of the poem in 
an obscure newspaper than happen to highlight articles from a recent 
"Ballou's" issue.  Of course I obtained the full reading pronto, and I 
am pleased to present it to you today.

On this day (February 24) in the year 1855, the following poem was 
published in "Ballou's Pictorial," (Boston; Vol. VIII., No. 8):

                 [Written for Ballou's Pictorial.]

    (The following verses, from an anonymous author, are gracefully
     written, and have the playful fancy of Moore or Hoffman.)

                  Venus, gazing in the water,
                    Craved the picture shadowed there;
                  Phoebus heard the wish, and brought her
                    Speedy answer to her prayer.

                  Violet rays her face reflected
                    On his burnished silver shield;
                  Mercury touched it, and, perfected,
                    Every feature stood revealed.

                  Forehead, eyes, and tresses flowing
                    O'er a neck divinely fair;
                  Cheeks, in radiant beauty glowing.--
                    All were brightly pictured there.

                  Thoughts, her secret soul revealing;
                    Pleasure, sparkling in her eye;
                  Smiles, that round her lips were stealing.
                    Full of magic witchery;

                  Grace,--expression,--and whatever
                    Made that face so animate;--
                  All were caught and fixed forever,
                    Truthful--life-like, on the plate.      F. A. F.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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