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Before the short item for today, I am happy to pass along an announcement
about an on-line exhibition of daguerreotypes. "Daguerreotypes at Harvard"
features a group of twelve images from their collections. The URL is:

The image of John Fitzgibbon as well as that of Edwin Forrest are quite 

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On this day (February 7) in the year 1848, the following news item 
appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

SOMETHING NEW IN THE ART.  Mr. J. A. Whipple 96 Washington street has 
succeeded in obtaining recently perfect and vivid impressions in 
Daguerreotype of some peculiar lesions connected with Ship Typhus.  We 
learn that these impressions were taken from the morbid specimens 
themselves furnished by a physician in this city who is engaged in 
original investigations of the above disease.

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I should also mention that my post of 02-05-97 had more than "original 
errors of spelling." Some typos of my own making were unfortunately 
included. I have corrected the text, however, in the DagNews archive at:
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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