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On this day (February 3) in the year 1847, the following news items 
appeared in "The Sandwich Island News" (Hawaiian Islands):
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. . .The arrival of Senor Le Bleu and his camera seems to have created 
quite an excitement in our little town, and we congratulate him upon the 
avidity with which our fellow-residents, naturalized and "unnaturalized" 
crowd to his rooms to exchange the current coin of the realm for his 
well executed little specimens of photographic immortality.  We 
understand that he already has engagements for weeks in advance, and 
there appears a general panic among those at the caudal terminus of his 
list, on account of a most discouraging report which has gone abroad, 
that the artists' plates are not likely to satisfy all the demands made 
upon them.  For the peace of the community, we would fain hope that this 
may prove untrue, yet should it unfortunately be the fact, we trust 
there may still be found some inventive genius among us, who will 
undertake to supple a substitute for this deficiency.  Though we have no 
copper here, brass abounds, and it would certainly be a great blessing 
to have it worked up onto any other shape than that in which it is at 
present found.
  We understand that the Senor has been very successful in his 
likenesses, producing pictures as accurate as possible and beautiful as 
may be; and it is certain that the Daguerreotype mania is at present 
that most prevalent among us.  Instead of the ordinary greetings of the 
day, people enquire whether you have "been taken yet?" or when you are 
going "to be taken?. . ."

(Cited from the research of Bruce T. Erickson)
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