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"On the Daguerreotype" Commentary by S. D. Humphrey made toward the end of the daguerreotype's popularity. From Humphrey's Journal of 1859.

"The Daguerreotype" Early commentary by Edgar Allan Poe from Alexander's Weekly Messenger of 1840.

"Suggestions to Ladies..." Instructions for female sitters by Albert S. Southworth. From The Ladies Almanac of 1854 and 1855.

"Daguerreotypes" A brief, negative commentary on the daguerreotype by Mrs. Jameson. From Ballou's Pictorial of June 23, 1855.

"Portraiture" A response by Rembrandt Peale to Mrs. Jameson's comments. From The Crayon of 1857.

"Daguerreotypes" A commentary of the social role of the daguerreotype. From Littell's Living Age of June, 1846.

"Editorial - Arts and Artists" A commentary about Root's "Crayon Pictures." From Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art of September 1849.

"Daguerre" A few notes accompanying the Orr wood-engraving portrait of Daguerre. From Christian Parlor Book of 1851.

"The Daguerreotype" by Sadakichi Hartman; An insightful commentary by a noted critic. From Photo-Era of September 1912.

"Photography: A Daguerreotype" A short description of the process and beauty of the daguerreotype. From The Mentor of 1918.

"The Charming Daguerreotype" A short article by Pauline King. From The Century Magazine of May, 1904.

"Hawthorne on the Daguerreotype" A brief synopsis of the sixth chapter of his book, The House of the Seven Gables by W. I. Lincoln Adams. From The International Annual of Anthony's Photographic Bulletin of June 1890.

"An Address" (2) by Albert S. Southworth to the National Photographic Association. From The Philadelphia Photographer of June 1872.

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