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Contemporary accounts and anecdotes

"Billy's Daguerreotype" A brief and charming account of a Centenarian and his daguerreotype, by N. Parker Willis

"Life in Boston...Were you ever Daguerrotyped?..." The 1841 journal entry of Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Visit to Plumbe's Gallery" An insightful account by Walt Whitman. From July 1846.

"Photographic Miniature" A comparison of Beard and Claudet from The Spectator of September 1841.

A rebuttal by Claudet to the previous text, "Photographic Miniatures," also published in The Spectator of Septmenber 1841.

"James Russell Lowell on daguerreotypes" A brief anecdote of daguerreotypes of himself and his wife, Maria. From May 1845.

"...the multitudinous daguerreotype establishments." A brief paragraph about Chesnut Street, Philadelphia. From The New-York Tribune of December 1848.

"Daguerreotyping in New York" Details and statistics regarding the business in New York. From The Daguerreian Journal of November 1850.

"Daguerreotypists." A brief text about the daguerreotypists in Cincinnati, 1851.

"American Photography" Provides a good description of traveling daguerreian saloons. From The Liverpool Photographic Journal of January 1856.

"Daguerreotyping." A description of the business by John H. Fitzgibbon of St. Louis; From The Western Journal, of Agriculture, Manufactures, Mechanic Arts, Internal Improvements, Commerce, and General Literature of June 1851.

"Preparing Plates by Steam" An account by Whipple from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of May 1852.

"Daguerreotyping in the Backwoods" An account by Fitzgibbon from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of November 1854.

"Daguerreotyping on the Mississippi" An account by Simpson from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of August 1855.

"On Taking Daguerreotypes of Children" Instructions by E. T. Whitney from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of March 1855.

"Amusing Incidents in the Life of a Daguerrean Artist" Anecdotes by N. G. Burgess from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of June 1855.

"Taking Portraits After Death" by N. G. Burgess from The Photographic and Fine-Art Journal of March 1855.

"More Work for the Ladies" by Edmund Dixon from Household Words. A Weekly Journal of September 1852.

"Inauguration of the Monument to Daguerre at Bry-sur-Marne" A description of events to honor Daguerre after his death. From Illustrated News of April 1853.

"Daguerre" Two brief texts on Daguerre and the taking of his portrait by Charles Meade.

"Anecdote of Daguerre" A short anecdote of Daguerre and his wife. From Illustrated News of July 1853.

"An Exciting Incident" A brief news item describing a rather novel use of a daguerreian camera. From Illustrated News of June 1853.

"Avery's Portable Daguerreotype Saloon" A description of a gallery on wheels. From the Farmer and Mechanic of November 1847.

"Daguerreotypes" A brief entry from Francis's New Guide to the Cities of New-York and Brooklyn, 1857.

"How the Dog Got his Likeness Taken." An anecdote from "The Nursery" of April 1874.

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