The Daguerreian Society

Photography is so much a part of our lives today that it is hard to imagine a time when it was both a new science and a new art. In the last decade, the switch from film to digital has been incredibly exciting, but nothing compared to that first fifteen years of photography, namely the Daguerreian Era. Razor sharp images on shiny silver plates caused the great scientists and writers of the day to wax prosaically that nature itself was being captured. It is only fitting that they have a timeless quality, even more fascinating now that the digital age is here. This allows us to present the oldest photographic process through the newest technology.

Welcome to our Website, and journey with us through the history, art and lore of those first photos, the daguerreotypes. They are a virtual time machine. Look closely at these images and you are there, transported back through time and space to a bygone age and place that exists before your eyes when you view these magical objects. They are not movie sets, they are not actors, but real people and places as they really looked over a century and a half ago.

-- Matthew Isenburg, Daguerreian Society co-founder

The Daguerreian Society's Mission
In English, French, German and Mandarin:

The Daguerreian Society is a non-profit international organization of individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing understanding and appreciation of the art, history, collection and practice of the daguerreotype, as well as other photographic processes as they relate to the daguerreian era, through the holding of an Annual Symposium, the publication of the Daguerreian Annual (Official Yearbook of the Daguerreian Society), Quarterly for its members, and by maintaining a website.

La Daguerreian Society est une organisation internationale à but non lucratif réunissant des individus et des institutions désireux de mieux connaitre et de promouvoir l'art, l'histoire, la collection et la pratique du daguerréotype et des autres procédés photographiques contemporains de l'époque daguerrienne, au travers de l'organisation d'un symposium annuel, d'une publication annuelle (l'Annuaire Officiel de la Daguerreian Society), d'une revue trimestrielle pour ses membres et d'un site web.

Die Daguerreian Society ist eine internationale non-profit Organisation, in der sich individuelle und institutionelle Mitglieder für die Weiterentwicklung des Verständnisses und der Würdigung der Kunst, der Geschichte, des Sammelns und der praktischen Ausübung der Daguerreotypie engagieren. Gleiches gilt für andere photographische Prozesse, sofern sie im Kontext der zeitlichen Ära der Daguerreotypie stehen. Diese Zielerreichng wird unter anderem unterstützt durch die Durchführung eines alljährlich stattfindenden Symposiums, der Publikation des „Daguerreian Annual”, der regelmäßig erscheinenden Quartalshefte und durch die Webside der Daguerreian Society.


The Society's By-Laws
The Daguerreian Society's by-laws may be found here.

Society Officers and Board Members for 2015

Jeremy Rowe

Jane Aspinwall
Vice President

Michelle Delaney

Dennis O. Williams

Mark Koenigsberg

Cindy Motzenbecker

Erin Waters

Alex Novak

Len Walle

Diane Filippi
Business Director

Tita Young
Editor of the Quarterly

Mark Johnson
Editor of the Annual