The Daguerreian Society
Being a member of the Society means that you are part of a community of like-minded people whose passion and interest in early photography and processes is shared in numerous ways. Your membership and involvement in this group forms the basis for long-lasting friendships and information sharing that is unique to the Society. This camaraderie is one of the chief benefits of being a member.

Friendships, knowledge and sharing are our watchwords. Much of this comes from the casual contact of members who help each other to the educational programs and publications, such as those below:

The Quarterly
The Daguerreian Society Quarterly is currently published four times a year and features hundreds of photographs and daguerreotypes, articles of interest, late-breaking news, and reviews of recent books and publications. Past issues will soon be available again in a password-protected Membership area of this website.

The Annual
The Daguerreian Society Annual features over 250 pages of unique research by Society members supported by scores of quality reproductions and historical reprints. In publication since 1990, these volumes have become a prime resource for daguerreian and early photographic study and appreciation.

Emailed Updates and Information
The Society keeps in touch with its membership all-year round with information on the Society and its members, plus more details about related photography events.

The Symposium
In the fall of every year the Society sponsors a five day Symposium: a full weekend of presentations, round table discussions and tours — all in the company of other people who enjoy early photography.

Special Education Programs
The Society occasionally has put on special educational programs, and there are plans in 2016 for a one-day program on "How 19th-century Photography Influences and Impacts Contemporary Photography".

Opportunities to Find and Purchase Images
Besides direct contact with our many members, there are several other ways that the Society helps members gain access to and purchase great early images for their collections. First, there is the 19th-Century Photography Show, which is held in conjunction with the Annual Symposium. This fair gives you access to nearly 75 photography dealers with thousands of daguerreotypes and paper images on display. Members have free access to the show.

Second, there is the Society's Benefit Auction, which is held after the dinner banquet during the Symposium. The catalogue of items to be auctioned can be accessed on this website and in the Society's Quarterly. Phone and commission bids can be arranged for those not attending the symposium.

The Membership Directory
Our Membership directory will soon be available again on-line to members in a password -protected Membership area of this website. The searchable Directory contains members' addresses, email addresses and phone numbers as well as a listing of member's interests and will be cross-indexed by state and country. It is a great resource for finding fellow curators, collectors and dealers.
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