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Dear Daguerreian Society Member,

The Membership committee has been formed expressly to recruit new members for the Daguerreian Society. It is our task to enlighten daguerreotype collectors, dealers and academia's best and brightest about the benefits of membership in an organization that is dedicated to promoting the earliest commercially viable type of photography. The daguerreotype was to become the newest form of artistic expression and for 15 years was unparalleled in recording millions of faces, places and oddities world wide.

American daguerreotypists led the way in devising new and better methods to further the scope of these silver sunbeams. Daguerreotypes and the practitioners of daguerreotypy laid both the cornerstone and a solid foundation for the evolution of photography, the visual appreciation of a moment of truth each and every time an exposure is made.

Our larger task will be to educate and challenge all those collectors and dealers who have limited knowledge and appreciation of daguerreotypes. We should ask them the simple question, "How is it possible that you admire works on paper, tin and glass while shunning the most personal, delicate and majestic images ever made?"

Our Membership Committee respectfully asks each current member to approach one person in an effort to spread the word about the society. Information about the fee structures, benefits of joining the society and the annual symposium are all addressed on the Daguerreian Society's web site --

For a historic perspective of daguerreotypes, please explore the Society's web site and the links that are posted for other informative sites.

Thank you for help!

The Membership Committee

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